"purple! your Aura. its purple!" music & art festival

Feathers Divine
Feathers Divine
Time Peace
Gopi Bliss
hoola hoop by Hoop Rage
Bean Spence painting during Cope
Aura Music & Art Festival was January 14 - 17 and it was a much needed adventure. The festival is 3 nights of camping, music and art at a lovely eco-ranch at Forever Florida, Saint Cloud. The Peace Owls and I joined my friend Diana with Feathers Divine and had a fun feather forest tent. Diana is a lovely spirit and makes amazing feather earings and hair assessories. I love them all. The peace owls and her feather goodies love hanging together and we hope to do more festivals together soon. A few other inspiring crafty friends from South Florida were also at the festival like Gopi Bliss, Time Peace, MarkPaperScissor, Bean Spence (north fl). I had a lovely adventure time at the fest, filled of music, art, good vibes, dancing, hoola hooping, camping, yoga, frolicking, bubbles, friendly faces, yummy food vendors, and amazing crafty vendors. Glad to have spent those days surrounded by the lovely nature and good people. ♥
more photos are here. p.s. i love almost famous (the movie). peace & love!


Claire said…
My husband was on the phone the other day and I managed to reenact that whole bit- "Astrea says hi and I can stay in your room! Your aura is reaaaly lovely! It's purple!" With him says "What? What? What?" in between all my looniness. I do love Almost Famous.

My heart is full of happiness looking at your pictures- what a beautiful festival! So many gorgeous, heartfelt things. *sigh*
Allison Kaye said…
I love art festivals! I wish there were more around here!
-Allison Kaye
sara said…
everything always looks so amazing at these festivals you go to!
I love all of the fun events you find and are involved with!! Your teepee art makes me swoon!! LOVE!! xo
Amanda said…
This looks like so much fun! Great photos...love the little one hula-hopping...so cute.

I hope my aura is purple too!

:), luckynumber3.com

Sophie said…
love love love!

Jealous of all your art festivals


Missy said…
Amazing festival! I love the art work. Thank you for sharing it!

Peace, love and cupcakes!
Those little mushroom planters are so cute! I'm also loving the use of vintage cases for displays - this is how I store all of my scarves.
Your artwork is amazing and this event looks like it was a blast! I wish I went to events like that. Hmm.. I should probably track some down.
Erin said…
Just found your blog!! Super amazing. Love your teepee painting. Love it! :)
viviane said…
Hi, thank you for your lovely comment, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow you now and added your blog to my blog roll :)

Love your hippie blog, really amazing and very inspiring! The music&art festival seems to be amazing!
Love the John Lennon quote!

xx viviane
Martine said…
Ooh my your art is just still so amazing ! How I would have loved to be there, love those photo's
anne said…
that looks like a really fun festival!
your paintings are awesome. i absolutely adore how you've decorated your booth. it's perfect :D
Abby said…
Oh your posts are always cute little crafty adventures! I want to climb inside your blog and live there for a while!!

Tonya said…
I love all of the art work! This looks like so much fun!!\
Cool blog :)

Leticia said…
Beautiful pics, doll! Festivals are one of the things i love the most! Your energy flows and turns into something sooo positive! And that quote from "Almost Famous" is just perfect ;) peace!

Sarah said…
I love the music & art festival! We rarely have those around here. But oh my, those little trinkets at the festival look really nice!

Also, I'm hosting my very first giveaway. So do pop by and be a part of it! :) xx
Anonymous said…
I really love the illustrations and the display of all the lovely things!
Really brought a smile to my face :)

cellulite cream said…
Love love the pictures! My man would surely love to be there considering how art geek he is. :D

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