oh happy 2011, nice to meet you.

hello 2011! it's about time i welcomed you here. it been a busy 2010 of peace owl fun and i am excited for more adventures ahead in 2011. This past year I am thankful for the adventures I had with the Peace Owls. I still have to pinch myself to believe I was in the Spring Issue of Boho Mag. And all the fun events I was in at my second home The Bubble IWAN Gallery. Plus craft shows/ festivals around south florida- Stitch Rock, Grenolds Park Love In Festival, Lake Worth It Fest, Odd Duck, Palm Beach Music & Art Fest, Retro & Geek Odd Duck, Indie Craft Bazaar. It was also an amazing year of buddies and mini adventures, music, beach, bike rides, dancing, smiles and sunshine. Even with the cloudy days, the not so great times they all work together with the good and the bad and keep us looking forward to whats ahead. So welcome 2011!
happy 2011 here are my resolutions:
*go on more adventures!  go more places see more beauty, see more nature, more smiles, meet new faces, explore old places, I want to be free to travel, freedom is within I just want find it, and explore.
*find a home and be content. have a crafty space. outdoors would be nice.
*find a good balance of work, crafty times, adventues, buddies, family. make a good a mix of the things i love and must love to get by.
*be healthier. ride my bike more, live somewhere where i can compute better with my bicycle friend. also hope to have a green market near by to load up my bike basket. make jucies and smoothies, and healthy yummy sandwiches with avacado and tomatoes. also eat more blueberries. i love blueberries a whole lot. 
*spead peace, love & smiles (always)
i did do some of my 2010 resolutions but havent completly tackled the list. so i will work on those more this year too. basically i still hope to get my etsy home for the peace owls more together. add more art, paintings, ceramics. and to get organized with my crafty things. but that will come with time. :)
peace & love!


Abby said…
yayyy 2011!!

great resolutions, riding my bike more was on my list too! too bad we are on separate continents, we could have had bicycle riding adventures together!

TNTinNC said…
Resolution for Rachel: come travel, visit, and enjoy NC! in warm weather preferably!

Happy New Year!!! Hoping to see you soon!

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