peace owl magical fort land for the lil ones

this saturday was an event 'for the little ones' a benefit for Jack & Jill Children's Center at IWAN The Bubble. Jack & Jill Children's Center is in Broward County Florida and it is a non-profit organization that provides family oriented early childhood education and support to strengthen working families. They serve children ages infant to 5 years old, year round from 7:15am - 5:45pm to serve the needs of working parents. I went with some others from IWAN The Bubble and visited the Jack & Jill Children's Center and the lil ones there gave me big smiles, some hugs and a flower. Each class room, activity room, kitchen, play ground was filled with light, smiles, singing, playing, ballet, learning and creative crafts. I fell in love with the Center and can't wait to visit again. This event for the little ones was filled with love, music, art, craft vendors, yummy food, and drinks. I created a giant crafty fort for little ones, and little big kids like myself, it was the 'peace owl craft world of recycled imagination'. it was lots of fun making this giant fort with all my vintage flower sheets, garlands, feathers, bells, strings and coloring pages. my little sis karina (she is now 7) was my lil peace owl helper and it was fun having her there for this magical lil event. she is super creative and an amazing lil artist. i always tell her stay little, dont get bigger, but i know as she does she will continue to fly her wings into the butterfly she is. You can see more photos from the event in this album here.
peace & love!


Milla said…
Awesome! Just plain old flower-powered, caring, cozy, adventurous awesome!
feiane (fe-yan) said…
wow!.... this is great to see good and happy people... xoxo
U U N A said…
ah this is so awesome! bring on the flower power (:
Leticia said…
I just love the colors, the fun, the happiness in those colors and those tents are dreamy. Love your owls, always ;) peace

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