theres an Odd Duck in all of us

Feather Friends! me (Peace Owls) Diana (Feather's Divine)

*love beyond the moon & stars ♥ (feather earings and charms by Feather's Divine)
Chloe the Hot Dog & Friends
Blueberryshoes Art & Vintage
Golden Swear Vintage
Free Lovin Foodery (the yummiest)
last saturday was Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar & Indie Craft Fair. This was the second annual show and it was held at Old Davie Schoolhouse. It is put on by the Hollywood Craft Mafia a group of 4 crafty inspiring girls. They put on this large Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar annually and do other crafty diy events and mini Odd Ducks throughout the year. They really put on a great show, this one had about 80 crafty vendors in 3 different areas at this Old historic schoolhouse. I was in the downstairs auditorium there was also an upstairs area and a tent outside, plus a tiki food hut area and a grassy area were some bands played. It was a great day event and there was lots of happy shoppers, of all ages. I shared my spot with my feather friend Diana of Feather's Divine. I love the feather earings and feather hair extensions she does and so do the Peace Owls so we have joined forces for a few shows. This day we went from this show 11-6pm to another show Wynwood Market (Miami) and set up there till 10:30pm it was a long crafty fun day, even with some dancing after. I really enjoy doing events with my feather friend, gives us both time to fly around and vend at the same time. Also at Odd Duck my twin sister Jess was there with Chloe the Hot Dog & Friends. I love when we do shows together. She is only doing a few now because she is going back to school. Good sissy. For more posts on the Odd Duck Bazaar check there facebookpage, I also have more photos here and this is a lovely blog post here.
Peace & Love!
P.S. my next show is Greynolds Park Love In Festival (love, love, love) May 15 11am-6:30pm I did this show last year and it is filled with peace loving 60s vibed festival that brings me lots of smiles. this year Jefferson Starship is headlineing and i have a feeling it is going to be extra magical.


Seriously beautiful as ever! I wish i could someday shop you & all those other lovely sellers in person! :)
xo, Jamie
~Haley~ said…
Wow, that looks like such an amazing experience. I wish our scene up here was half that beautiful! & thanks for the links, I just found a few more lovely creators that I want to buy from!
Missy said…
Everything honestly looks so awesome. I hope to shop there one day.
Peace and Love
U U N A said…
oh my i love those teepee prints! i want one too
Leticia said…
Your posts are sooo colourful, darling! They make me smile! Loved it entirely! Those events look just so boho and beautiful! I wish i had been there to shop everything

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