Thursday, June 30, 2011

etsy crafty party celebration

friday june 10th all over the world people celebrated Etsy Craft Day (sorry if you did not get the memo). this year i held a little one at The Bubble Fort Lauderdale and we had a fun crafty time. we had a tie dye station and other crafty things for people to create. it was a fun group of happy faces including my little sister karina. shes 7 now and super cute and talented in all sorts of ways. she was my helper for the show and was a great one. i made a big batch of fresh squeezed lemonade and we had sheets spread out on the lawn for a nice outdoor summer time crafty time. a few talented musical friends played music: Brady Newbill, Trav, and Ryan Alexander. it was a fun little celebration of Etsy and a nice little crafty gathering i hope you got to enjoy one in your hometown and if not make one happen in your hometown next year.
peace, love & happy summertime.


With Love, Jamie said...

How fun!! Now I wanna do some tie dye! ;) Your little sis is the cutest!

Leticia said...

Your parties always look like so much fun, darling. A tie dye day is always lovely. peace

LadyFLASHBACK said...

aw, fun times!

jess // LF

Samantha said...

hi rachel long time no talk!
how are ya girl?