happy peace day to you

all images are found except my peace owl flower power drawing.
peace & love!


Dani said…
How did I miss celebrating this day? Sounds right up my alley. Thanks for sharing, Rachel!
two birds said…
i love your drawing! in fact, i am going to check them all out! i had no idea it was peace day...i wish i had!
Jo said…
Perfect! <3 I love the last photograph especially!

Lost in the Haze
Leticia said…
That flower power picture was in one of my posts cause i love that image sooooo much and i want those pants real bad. You art, so pretty as usual, girl. glad you`re back ;) peace

elsie said…
Thank you for the sweet sweet comment!
xo, Elsie
Abby said…
yesss peace is good!

too cute!


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