Oneness at The Bubble 11/11/11

from left to right art by ti hi, me, sean murdock, kimberly kearney

hanging installation by kimberly, poster art by olga/ sean murdock
olga and trav the lovely hosts, photo by alena
my paintings and i, shine, flourish and sea life
photography by drew cornwall
a little home by gina russo
capture the moment photo area i created, pic by drew
last friday was a special day at The Bubble it was the day we celebrated oneness, togetherness, the moment, nowness and connected with all that was around in that space. it was put together by two magical friends Travis and Olga. I have known both of them for a good amount of time and they are sure to inspire you and brighten a room they step into. They have a great energy and it shined especially with this show. Travis is a talented musician (Trav) and Olga is a visual and graphic designer(Lollipop Graphics). They got together a wonderful group of visual artists, live music with a mix of local musicians all jamming together, dancers, 5 minute masterpiece station, film, meditation, smiles, balloons, tambourine shaking, people dancing around, inspiring creativity and brought people together. the event was called Oneness and i think it was there on that day 11/11/11. i am happy for the people i have met through The Bubble and am happy for the moments to come inside that space. the art i created for this show was Shine the symbol of the togetherness of the Sun and the Sea and how together they shine for us. Flourish which was inspired by the style of a mandala using nature to flourish from the center. in a circle in a field all things grow feathers float free. those were both painted on wood and the third one i did was on cardboard with a quote that inspires me by Henry David Thoreau "You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.” I should have prints available of these paintings soon. a few more pictures of the event here and on the bubbles page.
peace & love!


Leticia said…
I just love your usual joyful vibe, darling! surrounded by creative people, lovely colors and beautiful art. just a perfect night. loved the pictures. peace
This looks awesome! Wish I could have gone..
Anonymous said…
i can be a dreamer when i check this page...♥

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