happy 2012 be kind new year, i like you already.

hey there new year, 2012. you came quickly and away we go. 2011 had some fun adventures with the Peace Owls. I was involved in many fun events at my second home The Bubble IWAN Gallery, my favorite was Sean Murdocks Summer of Love Festival. Plus craft shows/ festivals around south florida- Aura Music & Art Festival, Stitch Rock, Grenolds Park Love In Festival, Odd Duck, Indie Craft Bazaar, Wynwood Markt, Angaelica at Art Basel. It was also an amazing year with adventures with buddys, sisters, bike rides, beach days, sunshine, happy dogs, ocean swims, some surfing days, a happy new home with a awesome roommate and buddy, a backyard with a tree, and a tree swing, longboarding, longboard buddys, sunshine, dancing, lots of forts, including a really big one at The Bubble, painting, gardening, a new herb garden, flowers, and tomatoes. lots of good things packed into 2011, makes the little things, the confusing days, the sad days, the lonely ones just disappear. there's alot of magic out there just can't lose sight of it. i'm happy for the days behind and for whats ahead. do good and good will follow.
happy 2012 be kind new year, i like you already.
here are my resolutions for 2012
*so for the new year i decided to be content, i just want a puppy.
*travel more, discover new places, go to new york, california, costa rica, everywhere or anywhere.
*do more art, don't let my paint wait for me so long, find a new place for pottery w kiln, make shirts, keep my etsy shop happy and filled, take more photos.
*lots more adventures. if one comes up, go. don't hold back.
*don't hold onto those who are not around.
i hope your year if filled with lots of treasures. thank you for being a friend. 
 peace & love!


Leticia said…
Happy 2012, doll! I swear your world is so magical with those dreamy colorful tents and that happy art. Your fun and boho vibe is so beautifully contagious. love what you want this year. I second those choices. peace

Happy New Year! If you come to Cali, please let me know! ;)
Sanna said…
Nice resolution and i like the layout of your blog.

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