Waves - Art show / contest w Andy Davis & Billabong

on march 31st i participated in a rad art contest at a surf shop in fort lauderdale, BC Surf & Sport. the show caught my attention in particular because one of my favorite surf artists Andy Davis was putting it on along with Billabong & BC. I have been a fan of his art for years and never thought i would get the chance to meet him. He is an artist from California his surf art has been on posters and clothes his paintings show so much joy that is from the soul of a surfer. he paints such life into the waves and into the surfer guys and girls he paints. they are wonderful. he recently joined forces with Billabong and has been creating art for them and making lots of rad shirts, shorts, hats etc. His art is reaching places i'm sure he would never have imagined. This contest was a great local art show with the theme of Waves, it was open to anyone to submit an original artwork with that theme and on march 31st they would have a show & announce a winner. When it came to the show they were overwhelmed with all of the great entrees and decided to do Top 3 and 2 runner ups. I was one of the runner ups with my peace owl painting. I was really happy to be selected among all of the great art and really feel everyone that created something was truely a winner. All of the art shined in there own way. I be amongst so many creative individuals in fort lauderdale was really neat. and this was just a small show, put together within a few weeks. it had a wonderful turnout. it was great meeting Andy Davis & seeing how down to earth he was.
Check out Andy Davis art here and be stoked: Andy Davis Art
peace & love!


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