Greynolds Park LOVE In Festival 9th annual

last sunday may 6th was the 9th annual Greynolds Park Love In Festival. It was my 3rd year vending the Love In Festival and my 4th year going. It is my favorite festival of the year. I can't wait for next years already. The park has been the hippie hang out since the 60s with jam sessions, poetry readings, peaceful demonstrations, dancing, and playing and this festival brings back all the flower power for a day festival celebrating the 60s with peace, love, music, crafts, food, and fun. They day was a perfect sunshine & some clouds day. Music played all day with fun cover songs of the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Tom Petty, etc and you just couldn't help but frolic around. They had The Rascals close the show and everyone was 'Groovin' to the songs. Greynolds Park is a beautiful nature filled park. It is a great setting for the festival with a nice hill with a castle on top the stage is just below facing the fill and people can lay in the grass and roll down the hill and dance all around. Arts, crafts, food, & memorabilia vendors are just to the left of the hill. I was set up with my Peace Owl Forest & buddy Feathers Divine & my twin sis Chloe The Hot Dog and Friends. It was the best day. I can't wait for more Love-In festivals and hope the spirit of the festival goes on for many years to come. It is a great start of the summer time. More sunshine!
peace & love!
p.s. you can see more photos from the LOVE In here on my Peace Owl Forest facebook page.
p.s.s. i'm having a sale in my Peace Owl Forest. prices dropped on Tote Bags & Prints and enter coupon code FLYAWAY for more sale. :)


Sounds perfect...I want to be there right now <3
chloejessica said…
Always love going back to Greynolds Park w ya! Such a fun day! :)
This looks fantastic! Both the festival and your items. Love your owls<3
Anonymous said…
You gals are soooooo talented and sweet too! God Bless the gifts that you have as artists. I would love you to paint a mural of your art on my building! Let's Talk!
Melanie-Vintage Diversity
Donna said…
Hi there! Thank you so much for popping by my blog Hung Up On Retro. Your blog is wonderful and I'm so glad I have found it. The Greynolds Park LOVE in festival looks amazing!! Looks like the perfect way to spend a summers day to me! I look forward to visiting back here often. Have a great weekend! xx

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