sparkly new year 2013 to do list

so here we are 2013, welcome. nice to meet you. you have been here 10 days now. i think it is time for me to write my new year resolutions. i have been doing this since i started this dear blog friend of mine in 2008. so i better not forget a year. it is always nice to reflect back on the year before and see what changes have come in the past year. 

so there goes 2012 it came and went rather quickly but it did still have some great adventures. one great change of 2012 was Shelly. she is my puppy now just over a year old. I got her from a local rescue in January. her litter of puppies, 6 of them, were found in a field with no momma and they were taken in and brought to health by this kind rescue. Shelly was actually found a day after the other pups when they went back to the spot to see if the momma had come back they found little Shelly. She is a shepherd mix of some sort, brindle, sweetheart, kind of like a dingo. she loves the outdoors and comes with me on adventures, loves the beach, and going to craft shows. some other highlights of the year were a surf trip to puerto rico with some buddies, a family surf trip to costa rica, a few trips to the keys, local adventures to the sea, working on my little garden, craft shows- fewer than years before but some of my favs- Greynolds Park Love-In, Stitch Rock, and many events at IWAN The Bubble- my second home, fort making, bicycle rides, skateboard rides, buddies, sunshine, dancing, and fun times. the year also had some days where all seemed upside down, the confusion of life and growing up, but that in the big picture of it all drifted away with the tides of the changing year. everything happens for a reason. when ever i have the sad days i remember i always have the sea to set me free. and some wonderful buddies to play at the sea. 
so here is 2013 and my to do list: 
*find a job involving kids, art or plants - get out of office job, need more sunshine & smiles
*balance my art better, list more in etsy shop, make new things like shirts, start society 6 shop, paint more
*don't hold onto people who are not around, and cherish the ones that are 
*go on more adventures, see some new places try and get lost awhile 
*enjoy the beauty around everyday and never lose sight of it, stay positive
happy 2013 flower friends. i hope this new year treats you kindly & sparkles & shines. enjoy your days!
peace & love


Katherine Sews said…
Love your craft fair display!!! Keep up the good work :)
Katherine Sews said…
Cute craft fair displays!
Leticia said…
i love how you feel, flowergirl!!!
keep sharing those lovely crafts of yours and your colorful imagination and getaways! the thing of finding a job out of the office, need more sunshine and smiles is absolutely true. i second that! ;)
Donna said…
Happy 2013 to you! Your to do list is great - wishing you lots of luck with it all. Love your year in photos too. All the best, Donna : )
Velva said…
This is cool!

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