third annual travulous & friends spread cosmic cheer holiday market & musical

saturday december 15th was the third annual travulous and friends spread cosmic cheer holiday market & intergalactic musical at iwan the bubble fort lauderdale. it was a magical night filled of cheer and a little mystery. the bubble was transformed to a winter cosmic wonderland. cheer colors in the air. crafty vendors with treasures all around. the weather was delightful. bands played on the outside stage and people danced in there merry ways. the play was extra travulous. but during the last scene my puppy shelly (now 1 years old) got spooked and took off running. she ran away and i searched and searched for her. it took all night & some of the next day to find her but around 4pm the next day i had my shelly reindeer back. she was still in her holiday sweater and was sent to a local animal rescue. it was a cosmic cheer miracle. if i havent told you before shelly my puppy is my world. she is the most wonderful german shephard mutt dingo puppy ever. she is very loyal to me and is the sweetest. she has never run away before and what happened that night was very scary for her to go missing. she had no collar on but had her holiday sweater. it is now her lucky sweater. when you lose something you love even for an instant you realize how much it means to you and it is crazy how just any instance a moment can change one moment all is cheer and the next it is all upside down. but when you look around there are those special people holding you up keeping you strong even at your weakest moments. i really am thankful for my buddys that helped me that night and the next day. never lose hope for love will always lead the way. 
peace & love


Anonymous said…
I love you magical little girl you make our days brighter.
chloejessica said…
Loved the show! Everything looked so wonderful. It was so hard losing Shelly. But I am so happy she is back with you! She is a cheer pup.

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