Young at Art: Annual Interest "No. 1" - Multimedia & Interactive Art Exhibition/ Raffle

This past Friday January 11th I got the chance to go to this wonderful place called Young at Art Museum. I have been hearing great stories of this magical place and have been wanting to check it out. I heard of this great art event and was really interested in going I got the chance to go and share it with you here on my blog and I went with my dear friend Travis who always is into these creative places and spaces as I am. Here you will see just a glimpse of this great place I have some images and words for you but must suggest you go and visit for yourself. You are in for a great time filled with inspiration and creativity.
The event was Annual Interest "No. 1" - Multimedia and Interactive Art Exhibition and Raffle. The art exhibition is still up until Feb. 7th. You can view museum hours here:
Martin Casuso "Steer on Stilts" 
various artists displayed for the art exhibition - names listed below. the large wooden colorful 'puppet' is painted by Ruben Ubiera (second piece on bottom from the right)
Francisco Lo Castro "Ubicomp Everywhere" This piece is very interesting and made up of many layers - Acrylic, silkscreen, spray paint and layered epoxy resin. You can get lost in it. Behind this piece you got to enter a room with a viewing of "You Are Here" which took you into his art work in a very neat way. Photos below.
Making Waves a giant structure inspired by The Great Wave Off Kanagawa this is much better than any climbing structure i have ever seen at any 'kid place' before. The chance to climb into this giant wave to peer out of the sea and explore within it is really great. it has different levels and port holes. Lots to discover.
these great signs gave great insight to the art and structures throughout the museum
yummy food & craft beer pairings to enjoy from Whole Foods Market
one area had great young artists art pieces on display. this painting was an interpretation by an artist who is 9 years old.
yummy treat from Totally Bananas
One of my favorite things about Young at Art is art is everywhere and with it is a artist and a story behind it. This piece covered a wall in two areas and is by Jillian Mayer. I love all the interesting characters you could really get lost in it. She had a funny quote with her piece about her art teacher suggesting her add necks to her drawings and had first artist epiphany "Yes, a neck can make one look fantastic".
The event not only had art you could marvel at but art you could make too - this was the Silkscreen printing workshop. You got to great your own stencil and with the help of the instructor make a screen print of your design on paper.
"You Are Here" Design by Francisco Lo Castro, Animation by Dark Intersection & Beeple, Sound by Dark Intersection & Kyle Vande Slunt - This was projected on a giant screen it took you through all the layers of the artwork all of the colors they came and collided and were brought to life before your eyes. it was really captivating to watch and feel this piece. It really did bring you into the artwork. Once you got in it was hard to leave.
"You Are Here"
"You Are Here"
i made these sunshine prints in the screenprint workshop
i love you, too! this giant LOVE greets you as you enter and leave Young at Art. 
my friend Travis had these words to share on the event: "“Lively,” “spirited,” and “playful,” are not adjectives which typically pop up in descriptions of museum fundraising events. However, those familiar with the grandé interactive museum Young At Art may not be at all surprised to hear those words--and even happier ones if they exist--used in an attempt to honor the energy of this past weekend’s Annual Interest event.
With a wonderful balance of elegance and character, Annual interest offered its attendees the opportunity to indulge in grown up delights--like amber beer paired with dark chocolate--as well as liberated childlike joys like arts and crafts and rainbow-sprinkled, chocolate-covered, frozen bananas. This well-balanced affair was a great time and a strong display of the virtues of the anything-but-typical Young At Art project." 
I really enjoyed my first trip to Young at Art and can't wait for more. The place is just filled with creative energy, everywhere you go you have something to admire, play with, create, smile at, or dream about. No matter what your age it is a great place to go and be inspired. I found myself at the end of the event not believing how much time went by and how fascinated i was throughout the exploring. I didn't even make it to one section of the building but had a great time with all i found. The artists for "No. 1" exhibition were Leah Brown, Nicole Burko, Martin Casuso, Jessica Laino, Tina La Porta, Francesco Lo Castro, Pepe Mar, Jillian Mayer, Ben Morey, Jonathan Rockford and Peter Symons. An other area had a wall full of various artists for the fundraising raffle. The event also had interactive art workshops such as blockprinting, screenprinting, ceramics, photography and recording sessions. It really gave you a great chance to see what Young at Art is all about. It not only is a great place for little ones to enjoy, they also have studio art classes for all ages, a library, and a cafe. It is a great spot located in Davie, FL just east of Flamingo Road from I595. 
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