farewell 2013 hello 2014

well there it goes, 2013 has come and gone. it went by quickly and while i didn't quite do all that i dreamed of it was still quite nice. and what i am most thankful for in the past year are definatly my buddies. it was my first year living on my own, no roommates just me and my shelly dingo. i live in a cute little treehouse like home and it fits perfect for me and my dog but sometimes its lonely but i have some great friends to adventure with. my last rommate is off traveling the world and i am so happy for her and hope to go visit her this year too. my twin sister is pregnant! and will be having a little baby girl in march this year. lots of changes are going on around and as much as i always never want to grow up its happening and i should start going with it some too. maybe one day ill find a boyfriend and do some traveling in a vw van. this year has been filled with lots of ocean time, surfing, beaching, sunshine, seashells & sea treasures, bike rides, boat rides, road trips, new places, a few art shows- love-in festival, indie craft swell, painting & crafting, planting & growing, healthy living, simple living, and learning.
so for the new year some resolutions are:
always love: i really cherish the ones around me so much, i just want to make sure they know i am always here for them, sometimes i feel they may not need me bc i am just me but if anyone ever felt alone or sad for any reason i'd hope to always be there to help  a buddy feel better on bad days because we all get them and we all just need that smile or shoulder to turn that feeling around, theres lots of good around you just have to keep searching when it gets harder to see, i just want to make sure i am that for others, and if i get lost sometimes too i can have that from others too. keep shining.
live simply: i enjoy living simply and i want to continue to keep it simple, live with less, eat healthy/ local/ green. learn more recipes & cook more. continue to recycle & produce little waste.
work/ art: i still am at the same dredded 'office job' place that i mention escaping year after year. i must learn to accept it for now and continue to make the best of it. it is a job and it keeps me living w a roof over my head. keep doing my art on the side and hopefully be able to eventually have a part time 'office job' or find a place to work with kids or a creative type job. do a few craft shows a year and also find times to play in the sea because those are my happy places: the sea & creating.
travel: this past year i did travel some (puerto rico & places around my home state) but i would like to go more places this year, some surf trips with long waves that never seem to end, tropical days that never seem to end, i want more of that in the coming year
happy new year to you birdys. i hope you had a wonderful 2013 & i hope this new year brings lots of magic to your life & all around. enjoy your days!! peace & love.


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