introducing surfy birdy new adventure of peace owl forest

ok so it has come time for a little change in my art world. i see myself drifting away from the peace owl character more and more and painting what is in my heart more and more and that is the sea and surfing. Don't worry the peace owl is not going away he is just one part of my art and my heart so you will still see him but my main focus will be surf art and inspirational quote art, as I have been doing. I want to continue to spread peace & love but with lots of stoke mixed in. I hope you like the direction I am heading and I hope you continue to inspire me to do what I do with the sharing of your smiles & joy. I am starting the change of name with my instagram which was hello_birdy the new name is now: surfybirdy. So if you are on instagram you can start by following me there. This name will be incorporated with my new shirts I have printed and the new artwork to come. enjoy & stay stoked.
Surfy Birdy aka Peace Owl Forest

instagram: surfybirdy


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