Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar

here is a peak at my booth during Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar. This craft show was a real success greatly due to the Hollywood Craft Mafia who put on this lovely craft show. They did a great job promoting this show and put a lot of heart and craftiness into the whole show. It was an eye opener for alot of us of how special this handmade movement is and how special we are to have so many unique crafty lady and gents to create such a variety of things to make our lives and homes happy places. I wish I had a camera to snap photos of some of the crafty friends and neighbors that were at this show but you can see some on the Hollywood Craft Mafias facebook fan page. Here is one of my favorite crafty ladies Hollie's(Blueberryshoes Art & Vintage) booth. It is full of treasures. She started the Etsy team I am in the Indie Free Spirits. I am so happy to know this lady she is full of sunshine and is a great friend and crafty lady. Her sister helped her out at this show and the two of them are super awesome. Also while I am mentioning sisters my sister was awesome too and she came to help me set up and enjoy some of the show. She didnt vend this show with her Chloe the Hot Dog and Friends art because she is busy with wedding prep, she is getting married next month! Woo. I do miss her doxie art being by my side but she will be back at it soon. :)
I will be updating my Etsy shop this week with some of the flowery peace owls and peace chick for the spring time. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Peace & Love!


OceanDreams said…
Looks like another amazing show Rachel, so glad it went well for you! I wanted to let you know that I picked up Boho Mag this past weekend and read and saw your article - it looks great. I also mentioned it my last blog post, you'll have to check it out if you get the chance! http://oceandreams4sierra.blogspot.com/2010/03/bounty-hunter-review-and-pretty.html Have a great week! :)
Giovanna ♥ said…
This looks adorable! I'm so glad for you :)
Ps: I'm having an adorable giveaway on my blog, stop by for details :)
congrats on another show, rachel! AND on the boho mag story...i finally got a chance to buy a copy. my daughter likes to read it, too, and when she borrowed it, i told her you were in it ("remember the owl ornaments?", to which she said "COOOOLLLLL!").
sending smiles your way. take care. xo
Hollie May said…
your setup looks so amazing as always and thanks so much for the adorable shout out :) hugs times a million girlie!
chloejessica said…
I had so much fun helping with your show! Your booth looked awesome! Thanks for the shout out, your the best! :)
Rachel, this looks like an AMAZING show and I'm so pleased that it all went so well for you.
I must say, I love having your peace owls on my wall in my room. I look at them whilst listening to music and doing another post for my blog, and they always make me smile.
Thank you :)

I hope that you're having a beautiful day.

Peace & Love.
Forever Boho said…
this is lovely ..i really like your art! congratulations!!
peace & love
Your booth looks amazing, and you're art is so charming! Following back!
a. said…
super adorable flowery shorts.
Lovely Leti said…
Such colorful inspiration, doll! Totally love your crafts! Left and award for you if you wanna come and pick it up ;)


Margaret said…
WOW! What an awesome looking booth :D
looks like a great selection of stuff
loving the pictures and posts you do here
stop by some time xx
That is the best show table ever!! Love the little feathers and buntings... So fun! Wish I could come to one of these! Wow...I didn't know it was so close to the big day for your sister! Super exciting. Hoping you are both doing wonderfully! xoxo
Sweetie, an award lays waiting for you over on my blog.
Go check it out if you're interested.

Peace & Love

I am in love with your work, so inspiring!!! Saw you in Boho :) :)
Lori said…
Your things are great! I just found you through boho's blog - congrats! They do have the wrong link, so luckily I knew etsy's typical addresses and found you. You also have exactly the same number of people following as me. Well now one more - me.

Ok, leaving to peruse your blog now.
Bek said…
oh wow you have so many things for sale! great work, it looks amazing x
Little Lovables said…
what a great set up! and look at those shorts, cute!
mellow mama said…
hi there!

i love your blog and am so inspired by your art. your peace owls are fabulous!

there is an award waiting for you on my blog www.thismellowmama.blogspot.com

thank you for your inspiration!
andrealynn said…
Wow, looks like a awesome show. Have any planned for the summer?

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