A Crafty Potluck Party

this weekend my friend Hollie of Blueberryshoes Art & Vintage threw a Crafty Potluck Party. It was great fun getting crafty with crafty friends, playing and enjoying yummy foods. the party was held at Amy's house (which is filled of cuteness everywhere you look). this is going to be a new monthly meet up and i am so excited for it. It was great fun getting together with the local crafty buddies in the area and crafting together. Each girl is so inspiring to me in there own ways. The group included Hollie of Blueberryshoes Art & Vintage, Amy of Peace, Love and Cupcakes, Sherry of Annies Cupboards, Amanda of Indie Craft Bazaar, Sam (who is just an all around awesome friend, she made the yummiest vegan cupcakes), and Stephanie of Polly Peachums. I love them all dearly. Check out Hollies blog post on the event to see how you can throw one of these Crafty Potluck Parties in your area.
Peace & Love!


Hollie May said…
great writeup! love you so much!
Food and crafts!? Too. Much. Fun.
Giovanna ♥ said…
It looks like so much fun!
Boho Market Blog
Rachel Beyer said…
Looks like you all had a blast! What fun :)
happy owl erin said…
welcome to my blog! thanks for stopping by. :)
Looks like you had quite the amazing day.
p.s. your header is adorable.
Abby said…
oh golly
looks like such a wild adventure!
lovessss it.
mm cupcakes.

bebe bird beck said…
This looks like so much fun!!

Yes, thats where my husband bought the print from. :]
I've loved the designer for a long time and I almost died when I saw it. It's so perfect.

I hope you're having a good day!
Eva said…
That looks funnn I wanna do that with my friends! Thanks for the idea
Bianca said…
that looks like super good times.

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