mini odd duck RETRO & Geek show

this saturday was the mini odd duck RETRO & Geek show. it was put on the amazing hollywood craft mafia and took place at Jezebels Vintage (Retro vendors) and Radioactive Records (Geek vendors). This show was 'mini' so the vendors had a 3 foot space to fill with goodies inside these 2 awesome places. Me and my twin sis (chloe the hot dog and friends) shared a spot. she had her retro flower doxie paintings and other doxie paintings, and some adorable florida oranges (ceramic & paintings). i had my peace owl 5 x 7 framed paintings, trunk of prints, ceramic mini mushrooms and mushroom flower vases/ peace owl bells.It was fun creating a cozy little display. my other neighbor at the show was hollie of blueberryshoes. i adore her and her craftyness. i am wearing her pine goddess crown in the bottom photo. she makes adorable bows, necklaces, paintings and more. everything has a special magic to it. also in the section i was in was Lorna Ruth (sweet alternative photography prints, buttons & jewelry) and Tortuga Tile Works. You can see more photos from the show on my peace owls art page and on blueberryshoes art page and the hollywood craft mafia page. the 'big' odd duck bazaar will be on april 9th, stay tuned for more awesomeness from the hollywood craft mafia. they put on great crafty events. :)
peace & love!


jiorji said…
that looks like a real fun show!! everything's so colourful, i love it!
Looks great :) Let me know if you guys ever travel to my area & I will totally be there to visit & shop! ;)
I absolutely LOVE that camper print & the suitcase one, so perfectly lovely...want them both!! ;)
xoxo, Jamie
Let me know if you put either one of those prints in your Etsy shop :) I really like them.
Also, have you heard about Trading Handmade?? I love doing trades & if you were interested I would SO love to trade with you!!
Just a thought :) Have a wonderful day!!
xo, Jamie
amy lapi said…
your booths are SO great! you three gals are thebest :)
Hearthandmade said…
this is so adorable!! i love your stand so much!
We had a great time and I love how great your little set-up was. It is a real challenge to pull off such a small space, but you girls rocked it big time!
hiven said…
Thank you so much for the lovely fb comment. It's even better because you have such an amazing etsy.
I do not have an etsy. I think i'm going to start one after christmas. Any tips? xx
Your booth looks charming, as always. It looks like it was a lot of fun!
It's getting towards the holidays, almost time to bring out the peace owl ornaments--can't wait!

still love my "try to be free tree". :)

hope you have a fabulous weekend!
cara mia

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