happy birthday dear bubble

Travalonia :)
this saturday was such a fun celebration of IWAN The Bubbles 's Happy 2 year Anniversary. i captured some of the fun for the first part of the event and got some of the wall art and bands, but more fun was to be had and the camera didnt stay attached. thanks to everyone who was apart of the magic. We lucked out with clear skys for a beautiful night. The event was filled with music (8 bands/ dj), art from exhibiting wall art to crafty vendors (Funk You , Edau, Lollipop Graphics , The Hemp Butterfly, Just V , Its Me Designs , Allison Kapner Originals , Holly Hobbys, Melodic Muses, Heartbeatz Accesories, One Odd Gentleman, Victor Velasco), photography installations by Sean Murdock, Valyn Calhoun and Parallax Squared, a photo FunBooth by Penelope Lane, food, drinks, dancing, cake, balloons, smiley faces, and lots of love. It was a great turn out for a wonderful place in Fort Lauderdale. I hope it continues to grow and grow. Everyone needs there own Bubble. I am so happy to have this place to call my second home. ♥ You can see more photos from the event in this album here.
For a glimpse inside The Bubble's happy Anniversary party watch this video put together by FTL Collective (a local Fort Laud blog check it out if you are in the area, it is filled of treasures).

Peace & Love!
P.S. my next show (May 15th) will be the Greynolds Park Love-In Festival. I love, love, love the Love-In. If you are in South Florida don't miss it. This year Jefferson Starship is headlining. Ahhhh I cant wait. :)


Anna Schüler said…
I would love to visit you in florida, but it's to far away from her :)
Anna Schüler said…
sorry, I mean "from here"
chloejessica said…
Such a fun birthday party for the Bubble! To many more!! :)
This looks fantastic!!
Lovely, as usual :) Your art is some of my faves, for sure!
Leticia said…
That looks like a beautiful fun birthday party! Thanks for sharing, doll! peace

evelio faze said…
I really do love bubbles...
oh wait is bubbles a person? Im sure if I met bubbles I'd love them.. but I mean, I love bubbles..soap bubbles, and cartoon bubbles, transparent plastic bubbles, disco bubbles, birthday ballon bubbles...so many bubbles...they all rock.

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